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Writers: Fatima, Iffat, Victoria, Lea and Sophia - The Passion Project Team

Why are we doing passion projects?

  • We are doing passion projects because, we can learn about things we are interested in.
  • The teachers thought that we can try to teach ourselves about what we are passionate to learn about. What the teachers thought was actually a bit true, because people’s passion projects actually led them to, taking action in the real world!
What is a Passion Project?
  • A passion project is what we do for our home learning and we get to choose what our topic is going to be about and we choose how we want to do it.
  • There are different stages in the process of passion projects, they are: tuning in, finding out, sorting out, making conclusions, going further and taking action .
  • At the beginning some people didn’t really enjoy passion projects, because they didn’t chose something they were interested in, so that was a problem for them. Later on when everybody got the hang of choosing what their passion project was about, so they started to like doing it a lot more.
  • A Passion Project is also about knowing what you're passionate hobbies are, and what you want to learn more about that hobby.
  • You could even have more than one Passion Project. You can even have ten!

What people did for their Passion  Projects:
Horses                                                           Parks
Claude Monet                                                Games
Friendship and bullying                             Dogs
Baking                                                          Guinea pigs
Instrument National                                    Electronics in sports
High Towers                                                Fashion and Toy Trends
Lego                                                              Minecraft
Aurora Borealis                                           Rugby
Music                                                             Football
World War I                                                   Polar bears
Harry Potter                                                  Dinostorm  
Dreams and Nightmares                            Dragons
Electricity                                                      Jurassic park
Roman Gods                                               Migration
Video games Peacocks
Famous Women Cats

When/why did we do passion projects?

We started passion projects close to the beginning of Grade 4. Ms. Firth and the other teachers came up with the idea of Passion Projects, because they wanted kids to have fun doing homework.

Videos and Pictures about Passion Projects



This is a video about all the Grade 4 classes going to each others classes to see their Passion Projects.
This is a picture of the whole Grade 4 sharing their passion project with everyone else in the other classes. The other two pictures are when two students presented their passion projects, one was about friendship and bullying and the other is about horses and the different parts of horse’s body.

Screen shot 2014-04-10 at 09.02.22.png
This is Fatima’s blog (called S’cool) which she made in order of her Passion Project which is Friendship and Bullying. Many people can go onto the blog and comment on the posts.
This is the link to Fatima’s Passion Project video:
You can press the link to see what she made as a video for her presentation.

Students with their Passion Projects and new learning:
This is Dominic presenting his Passion Project about Electronics in sports. He didn’t know that you could use electronics in sports like football or tennis. He says that learning about electronics in sports is very informative to know about for example if something happened to a player then you can replay it and see who and how somebody did it.

This is Nicklas presenting his powerpoint on World War I. He learnt about the life in World War I and how the people lived at that time. He was inspired by doing that Project by reading books about the World War, and by knowing that wars can be interesting to study about.

This is Maggie who is presenting her Passion Project  about Fashion and Toy Trends. She learnt about new kinds of fashion from the past and now, and she also learnt about cool toys that many kids like nowadays.

This is Illirian who is presenting his Passion Project which is about Global Warming. He was inspired by learning about Global Warming from reading books about animals dying from global warming. He learnt about global warming and how it happens.

This is Minh’s Passion Project about the video game, Minecraft. He was inspired by liking Minecraft, and he did it so the people who don’t know Minecraft can know more about it. He learnt how to use coordinates and North, South, East and West through Minecraft .

This is the Grade 10 exhibition where this boy is making a bubble from dry ice with a balloon.  I think that he wanted to present his project, so other people can also learn about dry ice and how to experiment with dry ice and what dry ice is.

This is grade four at the grade 10 exhibition learning how some people can be very interested in a topic and you can see that if you are really interested in something you can also make a difference and changing other people’s thinking.IMG_0837.JPG
Many grade 4 students got ideas for their passion projects from the exhibition.

you can see everybody in this photo is really quite interested in what is happening well the class knows but they are asking themselves what topic is this person talking about.

These are some screenshots of the summary of our survey we sent out to our whole class. 19  out of 20 people answered to this survey and this is what they answered.
Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 08.50.39.png

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 08.50.55.png

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 08.51.16.png

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 08.51.32.png

Interviews with 4TF children about Passion Projects

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