What is a Rube Goldberg machine and why did we build one?
Discuss our parachutes experiment.

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What is a Rube Goldberg machine? why did we build a Rube Goldberg Machine?

    My team were had a really hard time making it in the middle one of my team members knocked it down and  we all needed a bit of time to calm down, I had to do that  quite a few times.        


Ms Firth put us in many groups and each group was changing other things e.g. change the weight, shape and longer strings.

We had a lot of fun being outside, going on the slide and let our parachutes fly and seeing them fall. down.(C)

Why we made all these experiments

To learn more about forces!! .e.g. parachutes, Rube Goldberg Machine, testing forces by playing a bit ,making a track for the cars and see if they going on the other truck and if they  fall of. We also wrote a kind of test to show our observations.


We also made some paper planes to learn how wind forces work but we didn’t went outside we just went to the grade 4 corridor.

We need to find our own way to make one paper plane.

it was a lot of fun.

How is it connected to our learning?

Forces was our first unit so in the end of it we wanted to play a bit!!

Because in future we might need to know the things we are going to need when we grow up that like: this means this and stuff like: what is the friction between this object and this object.  

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