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Bank of 4TF

What does the bank do?  How the bank works?

Bank does that when you have too many pocket money you can put your money in and it’s safe place to give your money in.

What the bank is all about?

Bank is all about the saving your money and keep your money safe.

Why do we need a bank?

We need a bank because when you have a lot of pocket money you can’t bring every money.

Why do people use bank?

People use bank because bank is safe and is a good place to put your money in and it’s good for saving your money.

 Why do we need the bank?
We need a bank to organize the whole money system and if we didn't have a bank it wouldn't work the same and people would lose money. 
Why do people use the bank?
They use it to organize themselves and lose money.

Here are the responses to a form Maggie made:
The Bank Survey Responses

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