Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The 4TF Yearbook! Chapters as Designed by You!

Hello Yearbook Writers and Publishers!

Remember how excited you were to look over the fresh, glossy new pages of your VIS yearbook? It is an exciting piece of work that has taken a well-coordinated team of people like photographers, copywriters, desktop publishers, editors, programmers, printers and coordinators to put together.  Many of these people were students like yourselves.

To add on to your yearbook memories for 2013-14, we thought it would be a great opportunity for you turn the Cuckoo Clock blog into its very own 4TF yearbook.  So, here's your mission:

Your group will be responsible for one of the following 4 pages that capture THE BEST MOMENTS in 4TF this year.

Each of you will have a role to play in building the page.  The roles are below:

Multimedia specialist

  • Responsible for collecting and embedding slideshows, docs and work samples for the page including electronic and scanned work

  • Responsible for gathering photos & videos related to the page and building a short album in a Google Drive folder or Picassa Web Album  


  • Responsible for conducting 3 interviews reflecting on the topic of the page using Audioboo to record their thoughts.  The journalist can interview one member of their own group and two students from other groups.  Embed into the blog page.

Layout and design:

  • Responsible for laying out all the content from Multimedia Specialist, Photographer/Videographer, Journalist and Copywriters on the page in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Copywriters and editors:

  • Everyone in the group is responsible for contributing to the written content on the page.  USe the following as a guide to help you write about it:
    • What is this page about?
    • Why are we featuring this in the blog?  What makes this memorable?
    • What did we learned from this experience?

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