Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Fantastical Grade 4 Camp!

Last week on the 6th of May 4TF+ 4TD went on camp to Wallern, Burgenland by train. The WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) introduced themselves to us when we got at the hotel we were staying at. 

Before camp when we were doing a question sheet and we had to write what we thought. Some of my thinking has changed when we were at camp because I thought that there were four zones in a national park, but after camp I knew that there were only two zones that were the core zone and the conservation zone. 
I thought that we would only see white storks, grey geese and a little ringed plover, but actually we didn't see a little ringed plover but we saw white storks, gray geese and grey herons!

What I found really cool and interesting was that at the WWF base they had a self-composting toilet! It was very strange at the beginning but after when you get used to it, it's almost as if you are at a normal toilet but you don't have to flush! 

I had a lot of fun on this camp and it was a really good experience to have!

What do you think about camp and did you like it?

This is me and my friend, behind me on our bikes.

Do you think camp is useful for you and/or others, to be more independent?


  1. I enjoyed reading your summary of camp. I love the questions and I would really like to hear from other people in the class. It is funny that you mention the toilet - it takes a while to get used to but then as you say, feels normal. We talked a lot about living in a sustainable way, in harmony with nature. Do you feel that you may make any changes in your life as a result of camp?

    1. Yes, I do think that camp made a small change in my life, like I will try to go cycling more often because when we were on camp I enjoyed the cycling a lot!