Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Rust - Day 2

I absolutely loved Grade 4 camp, one of the best camps I've been on and ever will be on. My favourite part was when we visited Rust - the city of storks. I enjoyed the boat ride there because we could see the silly, hungry black-headed gulls flying behind the boat hopeful we would give them food. After the boat ride we arrived in Rust. We split into groups, group A; which went around part of the city counting all the storks' nests and storks they could see on top of chimneys first, and group B; which did the 'alien' activity where they went to the marsh area and found different wildlife first.   

Which was your favourite activity/part of grade 4 camp?


  1. My fav activity was the night one!

    1. let me correct favorite

  2. I am glad that you had such a fun time. I had so many favourite parts. The trip to Rust was certainly special - what a beautiful place and a wonderfully relaxing way to arrive there! I also loved cycling and working with Mike - especially eating the delicious organic food that the two groups prepared.