Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Grade 4 Camp was GREAT! My favourite part was when we took the boat ride to the City of Storks - Rust. It was fun seeing the Lake Neusiedl see! Then we found out that some birds were following the boat! Then we soon found out the birds were black-headed gulls. The city Rust was very small and quiet, but also very kind and interesting! On the chimneys there were many storks nests, and you could even possibly see some storks! That was GREAT! I used to think that we wouldn't actually see many storks and stork's nests, but now I know that there are stork's nests in Rust. This picture below is me and my friends on the boat ride.


  1. That sounds so cwl!

  2. It was really interesting. I also loved the fact that you were all helping the WWF with their research by counting the storks. What a beautiful classroom picture that is ;-).