Wednesday, 14 May 2014

favorite things that I enjoyed in camp

I enjoyed making the salad with the farmer called ''Mike.''

I liked cutting the plants and putting yogurt in. The ingredients were yogurt, stinging nettles, herbs, flowers, radish, onions, garlic, and salt.

I also enjoyed Ms. Firth reading the ''Nag Club.'' Some parts were really funny and some parts were weird.

Camp was really fun and these were the most favorite things I enjoyed.


  1. Your salad really was delicious. I am glad that you listed some of the ingredients to remind me, thank you. Did it inspire you to eat different things? Did it help you to understand about organic farming? Working with Mike inspired me to find organic foods that have been grown in Austria.

  2. Camp was really great!!!
    We were cycling really a lot.
    It was 6-7 km from the hotel to the WWF station it took us to be there 20-30 minutes!!
    It was almost all the time sunny and shiny!!!
    i really liked the zum thing and the moskito hunt in our room which was really scary and funny!1