Thursday, 22 May 2014

Self Composting Toilet

More information about Composting Toilets - like the one that we used on camp!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014



Should We Cycle More To School?

 The first time I cycled I was horrible but I didn't lose my hope so I kept on practicing cycling. One night, I found myself riding a bicycle perfectly. On camp I cycled 13 Kilometers. I am very proud of myself I achieved the skill. I think we should cycle more at school because it's an environment friendly, you can enjoy the wind, the smell and see different things. And you can exercise your legs. If you urgently need to go to a place but you don't have a way to transport but you have a bicycle, then you could cycle all the way to that place. 

favorite things that I enjoyed in camp

I enjoyed making the salad with the farmer called ''Mike.''

I liked cutting the plants and putting yogurt in. The ingredients were yogurt, stinging nettles, herbs, flowers, radish, onions, garlic, and salt.

I also enjoyed Ms. Firth reading the ''Nag Club.'' Some parts were really funny and some parts were weird.

Camp was really fun and these were the most favorite things I enjoyed.

Grade 4 camp was epic !! 


One of my favourite things in camp was  when we went night walking with our friends the talking trees. And at the end when we wanted to go to the hotel we all scared each other. And Ms. Firth scared Khaled so much that he fell on the ground and we all laughed happily. 

"I never say a person got so scared that he fell on the ground". 


My second favourite part was the ride with the bike to the watch out hut where we saw three beautiful dears grassing in the grass we also saw a stork 10 meters away from us. 

That was the second favourite part of camp I liked.

Night of the living Trees!

As the night grew, the children terrified of getting lost in the haunted woods got to there staying point for the last hour of the day. Then Ms. Firth slowly crept up to Khaled and then "BOO!", Khaled on the floor. Everyone did a light giggle as he got back up, slightly stunned though. 


Rust - Day 2

I absolutely loved Grade 4 camp, one of the best camps I've been on and ever will be on. My favourite part was when we visited Rust - the city of storks. I enjoyed the boat ride there because we could see the silly, hungry black-headed gulls flying behind the boat hopeful we would give them food. After the boat ride we arrived in Rust. We split into groups, group A; which went around part of the city counting all the storks' nests and storks they could see on top of chimneys first, and group B; which did the 'alien' activity where they went to the marsh area and found different wildlife first.   

Which was your favourite activity/part of grade 4 camp?
This picture shows Mike Andert showing us how he farms without pesticides I also thought the story was interesting about his daughters faces got a rash and how we eat those things.