Friday, 7 March 2014

Reflection passion projects and new learning

This week in the passion projects i learned that there are different facters of a solar flare like 
the  A B M X    A is the lowest there is  X is the highest so a solar storm  which can distroy satilites 
if you don't tern it of.

I also learned about the Ukran and how Russia wants to take in the ukran and mite start a war for 
it but the U.S.A said not a long time ago that they will defend it so the russian people make the oil higher the U.S.A will put in a alot of money I am talking about BILLIONS.\

Book /recommendation 
I strongly recommend Reckless for kids that like adventure 
and action another recommendation  is halo is about a girl who is really good at fighting her father says  now you have to be beutifull thats it so she cuts her hair  i strongly recommend this for girls but also for boys 

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