Friday, 7 March 2014

My Reflection

This week I have learnt many things. Here in this piece of writing, I will show you the things I have learnt.

I learnt from (my Passion Project) that the first ever instrument is the human voice, and that in the Medieval Times the pan flute, ocarina and zither was the most commonly used. I also learnt that when music plays while you eat, you get a better food digestion.

I learnt (in Maths) that if you multiply any double digit by eleven, it's really easy. Like this:
You leave the 3 in the 10s place, you add 3 and 5 together and the answer is 8. You put 8 in the middle. Then you just put the 5 at the end. That's your answer! Pretty handy right!

I learnt (in Spelling and Writing) that 'mono' and 'uni' means one, 'bi' means two and 'tri' means three. I also learnt that monodrama means a play that is only played by one person. I am proud that I learnt these new things.

These are the things I have learnt (so far)!

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