Friday, 7 March 2014

I learned in math with Michelle she helped me if I needed help.
and I helped hear same time if she need help.

I have spend about 700 on auctions its very hard to stop your self from putting your hand up!!

 i am there looking back!

This week I learned how to add and subtract fractions.

I learned that a biography has to start with the day he was born and the day he died.

I learned what a autobiography is. It is a biography about yourself.

A autobiography or a biography should go in a certain order of the time you were born till you died.

This week

This week we had the Auction and there were lot's of cool stuff the sad thing was I did not get anything, but then I was really lucky because Iffat gave me one of his thing's that he got, it was a keychain,Then I was Really happy.

For this weeks home learning I earned 160 Firths !!!!!!!

Today I got a certificet and I was sorry for Fahad and Xaver but I was proud that they did not complain and were principle and well balanced :D  

This Week's Reflection

HI guys and gals!

It's TF05!

This week we did lot's fun and chaotic things!

The most chaotic one is "The Postbox sorting out"

Sorry I could not find a picture for this moment.

 Top book from TF05 is (Drum Roll)....

Hugo Pepper by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

I have only read a bit but it is one great book!

I want to talk about math. I got better at my 6x table but before I wasn't good at it but now I am.

Reflection On The Spelling Lesson This Week

This week when we did spelling my group was doing beginner prefixes of greek and latin words. I learned that mono- and uni- means one, bi- means two and tri- means three. I also learned some new words like bifocals ,that is what older people usually have, they are glasses with two lenses. We also did some extra words where we had to find more words than just the ones we had. these are the ones that were my extra words: 
mono- monocle, monodrama, monograph and monogram 
uni- university, unicorn, unicycle and UNICEF
bi- binoculars, biannual, biathlon and bible
tri- tritium, trisylable, trishaw and tribulation
Some of these words I already knew and some of them I had to check in the dictionary for. I really enjoyed this lesson and I learned a lot from it.

Reflection passion projects and new learning

This week in the passion projects i learned that there are different facters of a solar flare like 
the  A B M X    A is the lowest there is  X is the highest so a solar storm  which can distroy satilites 
if you don't tern it of.

I also learned about the Ukran and how Russia wants to take in the ukran and mite start a war for 
it but the U.S.A said not a long time ago that they will defend it so the russian people make the oil higher the U.S.A will put in a alot of money I am talking about BILLIONS.\

Book /recommendation 
I strongly recommend Reckless for kids that like adventure 
and action another recommendation  is halo is about a girl who is really good at fighting her father says  now you have to be beutifull thats it so she cuts her hair  i strongly recommend this for girls but also for boys 

My Reflection

This week I have learnt many things. Here in this piece of writing, I will show you the things I have learnt.

I learnt from (my Passion Project) that the first ever instrument is the human voice, and that in the Medieval Times the pan flute, ocarina and zither was the most commonly used. I also learnt that when music plays while you eat, you get a better food digestion.

I learnt (in Maths) that if you multiply any double digit by eleven, it's really easy. Like this:
You leave the 3 in the 10s place, you add 3 and 5 together and the answer is 8. You put 8 in the middle. Then you just put the 5 at the end. That's your answer! Pretty handy right!

I learnt (in Spelling and Writing) that 'mono' and 'uni' means one, 'bi' means two and 'tri' means three. I also learnt that monodrama means a play that is only played by one person. I am proud that I learnt these new things.

These are the things I have learnt (so far)!

This week I learned that why do people move.Last time when we are disighining the aeroplane we have nothining but 4kb had a lot of thing when we when to 4kb I learned that's why people.