Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Book Recommendations

What is your favourite book? 
Who would you recommend it to and why?
How do you connect with the book?


  1. "There's A Boy In The Girl's Bathroom" by Louis Sacher. I just love this book and have read it to many different classes. It's about a boy who seems to be very badly behaved, no-one at school likes him and he doesn't seem to care. As you read the book, you learn more about him. Through his words and actions, the reader can infer an awful lot about what is going on inside his head. Even after all this time, the book still makes me laugh out loud and also moves me close to tears. I think it is a book that helps us to reflect on our own behaviour and teaches us lessons. It is suitable for all kinds of children at the top end of Primary School as well as adults. I would love to hear your comments on the book.

  2. PERCY JACKSON AND THE LIGHTNING THIEF RICK RIORDAN I would recommend this book because it has a lot of adventure and mythicul creatures. The author pulls you in by the words he uses he just inspires me . People that are young and adventures will love this book.

  3. My favorite book is Running Wild by "Michael Morpurgo" it is about a girl who has lost his father in war and only has her mother now. She is very sad and then they go to Malaysia the boy really want to go on an elephant and then the tsunami comes. An wonderful story. Recommended for adventurous readers.

  4. My favorite Book is I love "Guinea Pigs" by Dick king smith and Boy in a girls bathroom and some few others. I would recommend the book I love guinea pigs for the people who are not that great in reading.The book Boy in a girls bathroom by louis Sacher is a good book for people who love reading and are great at reading

  5. There is a book a bit different but good it's called "Little darlings"by Jacqulin Wilson.
    About to girls Destiny and sunset. Sunset father Rock star Danny has a long lost daughter and His long ago girlfriend live far away but Danny does not care about them he is not that famous any more.Sunset finds Destiny for the first time. But can freindship help there father get happier then he is.

  6. "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" is my favorite book now and I bet it will be in 2 years or so. I love it very much but I wish Brian Selznick would write more. But I love it still.
    I have read most of the books. It has made me laugh and also almost cry. It seems fat but it has the most wonderful pictures that I will never forget. I would recommend it to any one who loves Paris and fantasy.I love this book so very much!!!!!

  7. "The Spiderwick Chronicles" by Holly Black. She writes the most fantastic books, and I think that if you like adventure then you will like these books for sure.
    Two twins Jared and Simon and their sister Mallory discover a whole new world of faeries, goblins, dragons, a griffin and an ogre. They go through so many dangerous and fantastic adventures together. The books really pulled me in and I really love them. I think lots of people would really enjoy them.

  8. The Charlie and Lola series, all of them. I love these little basic picture books, I read them now and then to my younger sister before bedtime. It's about this little girl - about 4 to 6 - and its narrated by her big brother - 12 to 14 - and it's about everyday, childhood life. Wonderful for anyone who wants a simple pleasure, young or old.

  9. There is a boys that trying to destroy the ring.Its made by Liv Tyler I like this book because there really good story.If you read this book you will know whats going to happen.I think every bade will like it.

  10. I relly like the book callde ' billy the kid' its sad,happy and so tragik. But goog rating 100% good for me but for its diffrent.

  11. I recommend the lightning thief comic because it has more details in it and it is more of a book for avdentures people..

  12. I read many books called ''Horrid Hanry''
    I really like ''Horrid Hanry's books because this story will make you lought and be sopriseded.
    I will recomend this books to readers which have their funny bone and want to laught a lot.
    ''Horrid Hanry's'' books are like a secret because when you are reading it you don't know what is gonne to happend.
    Sometimes when I'm reading ''Horred Hanry's books I can't stop reading because it's that much interesting for me!

  13. I am TF15
    My favorite book is Harry Potter (I am on the fourth one).
    I would like to recommend it. It is all about history and wizards.

    1. My favorite book is Harry Potter! (I am on the last one)
      I would totally recommend this book as well, for it has great, intentaining CHARACTERS!

  14. I would like to recommend the book called 'The Search for Wondla'. It is by Tony DeTerlizzi. It is about the future, and about a girl who goes for a search for an adventure. She meets these mysterious creatures who speak a foreign language. This book is good for girls and boys, teenagers or adults, grandparents or teachers. Please try to read this book!